GymPark’s outdoor fitness equipment is designed to offer its user a safe, relaxing, efficient, aerobic exercise of  the musculature, without the supervision of an instructor as detailed instructions placed on every instrument, simplify and explain the exercise.

A GymPark consists of ten (10) instruments placed in pairs. They are friendly to the environment, durable against vandalism and resistant to all weather conditions.

They are certified by TÜV SÜD according to the current highest European Standards for Safety and Quality, while they can be installed safely in all kinds of surface whether tarmac, soil, sand etc. They are made of galvanized steel, two times powder coated in order to ensure their longevity

GymPark…Opening soon in a park near you!

GymPark Fitness Equipment


Push Chair - Pull Chair : Combination of exercises that helps strengthen the muscles of the shoulders and the chest as well as improve their agility.

Instructions Push Chair : Sit on the seat and hold the handles. Push up slowly and force the seat to rise in order to lif your own weight. Return to the starting position slowly and repeat the process.

Instructions Pull Chair : Sit on the seat holding the handles. Pull down slowly and force the seat to rise lifting your own weight. Return to the starting position slowly and repeat the process.


Bonny Rider: Helps to exercise leg, shoulder and waist muscles. It improves the cardiorespiratory function and the coordination of the body.
Instructions : Sit on the instrument, hold the handles and place your feet on the pedals. Move the lower limbs forwards while simultaneously pulling backwards the handles. Repeat as necessary.

Rambler: An aerobics exercise that helps in the strengthening of the cardiorespiratory function while developing the strength, flexibility, stability and coordination of lower limbs and waist.
Instructions : Stand on the pedal and hold tightly on the horizontal bar. Move your legs as if you are walking. Repeat as necessary.


Stepper : An aerobic exercise that offers wellness and harmony. It Improves the functions and condition of the heart, lungs and blood vessels.
Instructions : Stand on the pedals holding tightly on the handlebars. The exercise is achieved by synchronizing all ends in simultaneous motion gait.

Leg Stretcher : Exercise that improves blood circulation and strengthens lower extremities
Instructions : Sit on the seat and place your legs on to the pedals. Stretch your legs and return slowly.


Bicycle : Exercise that improves the cardiovascular function and strengthens the leg muscles.
Instructions : Sit on the seat, while holding the grips. Move your legs in a circular motion.

Surfing Board : Offers aerobic exercise that strengthens the cardiorespiratory functions, by improving the blood circulation. Additional aids the digestive system providing exercise for the spine and hip.
Instructions : Stand on the pedal while firmly holding the handles with both hands. Move your body from one side to the other like a pendulum.


Paraller Bars : Exercise that increases the strength and flexibility of upper limbs, the chest and the abdominal muscles.
Instructions : Hold the bars and support your body. Stretch your arms and try to slowly lift your body.

Lying Curve : Exercise that increases the flexibility of the abdominal and waist muscles. It is especially effective in mobilizing the excess subcutaneous abdominal fat.
Instructions : Lay on the curve and place your legs behind the horizontal bar. Cross your hands behind your head and use the power of your abs to lift your body.